Retail Clerk'89

Please see the project page for general information about the game and emulator compatibility.

Semi-Stable Demos

Here are the demos that probably won't crash in some catastrophic way. I won't claim they're fully debugged but I'm not aware of a way to break them. These demos exist to prove that some degree of basic functionality works but don't resemble a full game.


Mall Walker Demo (June 2018)

Mall Walker Demo (June 2018)

The demo starts with an extremely simple puzzle that when completed allows the player to exit the mall. This triggers the beginning of the second day. After a brief dialog the player is free to explore the entire mall. There's no story beyond that. This main difference between this and the unstable May 2018 build is this one has been debugged and tested on Genesis clones. It also has a status screen with mall map and inventory. It has every "engine" feature I plan to implement except for saving now.


Mall Walker Demo (June 2018): Release build

Previous Stable Demos

One Room Demo (August 2017)

Unstable Demos

Here are demos that might crash in some catastrophic way. These are usually checkpoint builds where I finished some big new thing but haven't debugged it or made any attempts at optimization.


Story Demo - Days 1-5 (February 2019)

Story Demo - Days 1-5 (February 2019)

In this demo the rough story for the first five days is playable. It's still far from being a complete game of course.


Story Demo - Days 1-5 (February 2019): Release build - will run on actual Genesis hardware

Story Demo - Days 1-5 (February 2019): Build for AtGames Genesis clones - will not run on actual Genesis hardware

Story Demo - Days 1-5 (February 2019): Debug build

Previous Unstable Demos

Story Demo - Days 1-3 (January 2019)

Mall Walker Demo with Day 1 script (November 2018)

Mall Walker WIP Demo (May 2018)

Empty Mall Demo (February 2018)

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