Tombs & Treasure Walkthrough

Tombs & Treasure Walkthrough

Welcome to the graphical walkthrough for Tombs & Treasure for the NES. This is a relatively obscure game that was developed by Falcom for the Famicom and ported to the NES by Infocom. This walkthrough goes step-by-step through the required tasks to complete the game. In Tombs & Treasure it's essential to perform certain tasks in the right order or you can get stuck in a dead-end state.

This is strictly a "how to" guide and doesn't go into the dialog or plot of the game. To that extent it's semi-spoiler-free. Still, if you're playing for the first time you probably don't want to jump to the end sections because there will be some surprises.

  1. Laboratory
  2. Nunnery
  3. Tomb of the Hi-Priest
  4. Castillo Pyramid [1]
  5. Well of Paradise [1]
  6. El Caracol [1]
  7. Court of Columns [1]
  8. El Caracol [2]
  9. Court of Columns [2]
  10. Castillo Pyramid [2]
  11. El Caracol [3]
  12. Temple of Warriors [1]
  13. Well of Paradise [2]
  14. Temple of Warriors [2]
  15. Ball Court
  16. Tomb of the Hi-Priest/Ball Court [1]
  17. Castillo Pyramid [3]
  18. Well of Sacrifice [1]
  19. Well of Sacrifice [2]
  20. Tomb of the Hi-Priest/Ball Court [2]
  21. Shrine of Tentacula

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