Shadowgate Guide

This is an archived page from a Shadowgate site that was hosted on I took it over from the original creator but didn't do much with it. I moved it here sometime before GameSpy completely shut down. This page is not actively maintained and will eventually break or be deleted during a future site upgrade.



This section was inherited from TRM who ran the Shadowgate Lands site on Some of the content is from an email exchange (maybe interview?) with a developer from Shadowgate. Although I trust him, I will add the disclaimer that this information is not verified. Anything from this exhange is in italics.

Goblin Room

A room unknown to most Shadowgate players. Taken out of the Nintendo and Game Boy Shadowgates. Only in the PC versions. The Goblin room!!!

When you enter the drafty hallway with the door to the lab and the library on the right is another door leading to a goblin room. All that happens is the goblins will kill you. You can't beat the goblins or take the items which makes the room useless but still cool.

Room Mysteries

What is in the chest in the dragon's room?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
What is in the stone coffin in the coffin room?

Nothing. In the PC version you can open that coffin and find nothing there.
What is in the room above the arrow? The one where the ledge breaks.

It was never defined what was going to be there.
For the NES version: In the room with the wraith, there are two boxes in the move box. One of course goes to the room with the rope. The other says it is too high for you to reach. Does this actually have a purpose?

In the Windows 3.1 version there is a room there but it looks like it's been recently sealed off.
What is in the room blocked by the debris by the waterfall?

That room was decided to be linked to another room. The other room was taken out because of disc space on the original Mac version.
Where does the door in the well room go to?

It was planned to go somewhere but never put in for the same reason.
Some of the rooms taken out of Shadowgate
-Trap Room # 1
-Trap Room # 3
-Several Rooms Holding Death Wraiths
-Basilisk Room
-Scorpion Room
-Prayer Room