Shadowgate Guide

This is an archived page from a Shadowgate site that was hosted on I took it over from the original creator but didn't do much with it. I moved it here sometime before GameSpy completely shut down. This page is not actively maintained and will eventually break or be deleted during a future site upgrade.

Shadowgate 2001


From the author:

"Although the original Shadowgate wasn't an RPG, it found a considerable following when it first appeared in all its 8-bit glory on the NES in 1989.

Shadowgate plunges you into a fantasy world both dangerous and interesting, full of devious traps and sinister monsters as you try to prevent the evil Warlock Lord from summoning the Behemoth.

I've liked this game since I was a kid (I watched my older brothers playing it, and ran from the room every time a low-rez skeleton appeared on screen.) But it hadn't occurred to me until recently that a remake of the game would be possible in RPG2K. This version however, is *slightly* different from other Shadowgate remakes.


Title Screen Menu
Wizard Wraith
Sphinx outside
map room illuminati""


Shadowgate Redux - Final Beta Release - 3/30/2002
Shadowgate Redux - Initial Release - 12/6/2001
RPG Maker 2000 runtime (11.4 mb) - required to run this game

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