Intellivision Catalog 1981 Scans

The Intellivision was my first game system and will always evoke warm memories. The gaming experience back then isn't comparable to today's. Everything felt so new, there was always a sense of wonder about what they could do next. It's the difference between "ooh, ooh, what if they made a game about [x]?" vs. "wow, another Need for Speed sequel". Practically every idea was new during this era.

Pack-in catalogs were a part of the experience, something missing today what with the internets and all. They were a way for companies to promote what else was available for their system. Most of these didn't survive long though, I found this one in a box of games for $5 at a garage sale. As a kid I probably discarded dozens of these without thinking.

I'll admit, these are not the best scans I've ever done. To really get these right you'd have to cut the catalog in two. If I get a second copy of this then I'll hack one up and rescan them. Anywho, all the images here are thumbnails so click to see the full-size image and stuff.

Intellivision catalog cover

Cover: Is that  a young "Screech" playing the jockey?

Intellivision catalog introduction

Introduction: A lot of marketing spin on these pages. Although Intellivision did have some rights to brag. In a head-to-head face-off there was little comparison between it and the Atari 2600.

Intellivision baseball

Major League Baseball: This game was featured in the semi-famous George Plimpton ads.

Tennis and backgammon

Tennis and Backgammon: These are two Intellivision games I'm really not familiar with. There aren't many games on that list but of course two of them just have to appear on the same page. Hmm.. oh, the Backgammon page advertises "Dice rolled randomly", whew, huge relief there.

Poker and basketball

Poker and Basketball: Poker for the Intellivision was great, easily the best console card game of the time. In a multi-player game you had to use the "honor system" and look away while your opponent saw their cards.


Astrosmash: Now here is a fun, addictive game. It was also the first game that I recall having auto fire (that doesn't mean it invented the concept though).

Soccer and Golf

Soccer and Golf: These were also both well beyond what other consoles offered at the time. OK, soccer was a little slow but PGA Golf was ahead of its time.

Skiing and hockey

Skiing and Hockey: Haven't played Hockey but I have logged many hours on the Skiing game. It had excellent scenery and controls.

Intellivision football

Football: Ah, the famous running man in all his glory. This little sprite would be used in numerous games throughout the years.

Space Battle

Space Battle: Space Battle is an under-appreciated game. In some ways it could be considered one of the first real-time-strategy / space shooter games.

Checkers and Math Fun

Checkers and Math Fun: Yeah I actually had Math Fun as a kid. It's at least partially responsible for me being such a nerd today.

Racing and boxing

Racing and Boxing: Boxing plays about was well as a set of Rock 'em Sock 'em robots - only much slower.

Sea Battle and Horse Racing

Sea Battle and Horse Racing: Sea Battle's not bad. Like Space Battle it's a primitive strategy / shooter combo.

Roulette and Armor Battle

Roulette and Armor Battle: I guess Armor Battle was supposed to be a response to Atari's Combat. Although it looks 100x better it's really not as much fun.

Space Armada

Space Armada: This game was obviously a Space Invaders knock-off. I think it's a nice improvement even if it gets impossibly difficult in the later levels.

Bowling and Dungeons & Dragons

Bowling and Dungeons & Dragons: Alright, on to one of my favorite Intellivision games; heck one of my favorite games for any system. I assume this ad is for "AD&D Cloudy Mountain" although the drawing only distantly resembles it. The description, on the other hand, doesn't remotely match-up to either of the AD&D games produced. I can only assume they had the AD&D license at this point but didn't know what they wanted to do with it. "AD&D Cloudy Mountain" actually began as a different game and was re-branded so perhaps this page is for something with a grander vision that never transpired.

SNAFU and Triple Action

SNAFU and Triple Action: Here are a pair of great two player games. SNAFU is a blast for two players, a four player mode would be perfect for something like the Wii Virtual Console. Triple Action was sort of another Combat knock-off, only with driving too.

Word Fun

Word Fun: Yeah I had Word Fun too, go ahead and mock me. What ever happened to game clubs? Ah, the internets again, I guess it's all message boards and MyFace groups or whatever the kids are into now.