Electronics Boutique Spring 1996 CD

Disclaimer: The images on this page are from the "Electronics Boutique 1996 Spring CD". This was a promotional CD catalog given out at Electronics Boutique & Waldensoftware stores in early 1996. The images are only 256 color because that was the depth of the source files (keep in mind this was 1996).

Sega Saturn

The Saturn was already showing signs of failing before its first birthday. The first piece of evidence is that this catalog has 14 Saturn items compared to 40 PlayStation ones. The Genesis also sports 14 items and I can testify sold about as well as the Saturn in 1996. Yeah, the previous generation was selling more games than the "replacement". If it sold more hardware units too then it would sound eerily like the PS2-PS3 relationship.

Saturn with Virtua Fighter

Saturn with Virtua Fighter for $339.99...

Core Saturn System

...or the Core Saturn System for $299.99.

Virtua Cop

Virtua Cop with gun for $79.99. Somehow I have two different versions of this game despite not really caring for it.

Sega Rally

Sega Rally showed signs of being a 1st generation title with a ton of weird background pop-ups and other visual oddities. Still a fun game though.

Hang-On GP

Hang-On GP didn't have a long shelf-life.

Virtua Fighter 2

Virtua Fighter 2 was probably the first really good Saturn game, should have been a launch title.

Clockwork Knight

Clockwork Knight was a launch title but wasn't so great.

College Slam

I've already commented on College Slam somewhere else in this mess, rather play NBA Jam TE (still one of my favorite Saturn games).


I have D for the Saturn but haven't been able to dedicate much time to it. It uses some goofy real-time system where you can't pause or save.

Myst for Saturn

Myst for Saturn was one of those games that no one really cared about. Everyone already had it for PC and yawned at the console versions.


If memory serves me correct, Robotica was the first Saturn game to get the $19.99 clearance sticker, possibly $9.99.

Return Fire

I couldn't come up with anything to say about Return Fire for the PlayStation and can't for the Saturn version either.


Ditto for Cyberia.

Street Fighter: The Movie for Saturn

Obscure fact, I'm in the background of Street Fighter: The Movie in the arcade but not on the home versions.

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